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Creative Cabins staff will work with the client to help personalise the new cabin.

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Creative Cabins

New Wide Cabins.
Our new wider cabins offer a floor area of up to 70m2 in a single prefabricated building. Creative cabins endeavours to offer all clients the oppertunity to help design the perfect cabin for them. By using our clients dreams, wishes and ideals and transforming them into reality with inovative soloutions. Creative cabins works closely with suppliers to ensure quality materials and manufacture controls adding peace of mind for our clients.

Our Advantages

Creative Cabins is a small business that is dedicated to offering our clients personalised service. Our staff pride themselves on finding the right soloutions to find the perfect design to suit our clients requirements.

Customise kitchen Upgrade

Creative cabins standard engineered buildings can be place throughtout 98% of Australia without costly alterations. Prefabrication is designed to allow for almost immediate living, all that is needed is to connect to mains.